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Competition runs are still ongoing and will complete by Term 4

Event Information

VRT Software Training (Optional): Dates to be confirmed (Online)
IDE Maker Video Submission: 5 Nov 2021, 5pm
IDE Virtual Robotics (Secondary):  1-5 Nov 2021, TBC (Online)
IDE Maker Presentation Between 8 – 19 Nov 2021, results released on 21 Nov 2021
20 minutes presentation slot (Online)
IDE Sprint Competition Run: *
Cut-off date: 29 Oct 2021

Competitions will be held onsite at the respective schools.

IDE Robotics Competition Run: *
Announcement of Results & Prize Presentation 4 November 2021


IDE2021 Competition Manual [updated 2 Apr 2021]
IDE Robotics 2021 Playfield Design [updated 25 Mar 2021]
IDE Robotics 2021 Competition Manual (Pri) [updated 5 Apr 2021]
IDE Robotics 2021 Competition Manual (Sec) [updated 5 Apr 2021]
IDE2021 Participation Team List [to be released]
IDE2021 RAMS Template [to be released]

For past year competition documents, please visit Past Seasons.

For past Virtual Robotics mission files, please visit Virtual Robotics Competition.


List of Award Winners [to be released]