School & Team Eligibility

Primary Category

  • Age 9 to 12 years (in 2019)
  • IDE Robotics, IDE Junior Maker, IDE Sprint

Secondary Category

  • Age 13 to 16 years (in 2019)
  • IDE Challenge, IDE Robotics, IDE Maker, IDE Sprint, IDE Mech Wars

Team Registration

  • Up to 3 students and 1 Teacher Mentor (TM) per team.
  • The same TM can be registered for multiple teams
  • No restrictions on number of teams registered per school/organisation.

Registration Rules

Please take note of the following registration rules:

  1. Students are to bring along a photo ID during the competition day in order to perform name and age verification.
  2. Teams taking part in the IDE Robotics Competition may choose to sign up for the half day Robotics Bootcamp training. A fee of $100/- will apply per team for this training. All fees will be billed at the end of the course through e-invoice to the school.
  3. For IDE Sprint and IDE Mech Wars:
    1. Each school may only register up to 10 teams for IDE Sprint
    2. Each school may only register up to 10 teams for IDE Mech Wars
    3. Each school must register at least one team under IDE Robotics
  4. Teams may choose to cater lunch sets for students and teachers using the registration form.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to reject any teams that do not fulfill the registration criteria.
  6. Special invoicing arrangements may be made using our registration form.
  7. No changes to the registration form will be allowed after 28 Feb 2019.

Registration Form

Teams that wish to take advantage of the early bird rates may choose to submit team registration before early bird deadline (31 Dec 2018) and confirm team member details by registration deadline (28 Feb 2019).

Download the registration form here, email to by 28 Feb 2019.