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Virtual Robotics Competition

Monthly Tournament

We have rolled out a new competition event to keep your innovation, design, and engineering skills sharp during this stay home season! Compete in our monthly tournament events and put your skills to the test!

VRC Tournament Event

Event Information

Update 20 Aug 2020: The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and given the extended circuit breaker measures we have decided to postpone this year’s IDE competition event to the end of Term 4 of 2020. We have confirmed the new competition dates as follows. Schools that have previously registered may withdraw or modify their registrations by dropping us an email at

* According to Ministry of Education’s press release, activities held at external venues are still not allowed. IDE Robotics, IDE Sprint, and IDE Mech Wars will only go ahead if this restriction is lifted before 25 Oct 2020. Teams that have registered for these events will only have to make payment after the competition event.

VRT Software Training (Optional): 17 November 2020, 3pm to 4pm (Online)
IDE Maker Video Submission: 25 October 2020, 12pm
IDE Virtual Robotics (Primary): 19 November 2020, 3pm to 5.30pm (Online)
IDE Virtual Robotics (Secondary): 20 November 2020, 3pm to 6pm (Online)
IDE Maker Presentation 28 – 30 Oct 2020
20 minutes presentation slot (Online)
IDE Sprint Playfield Announcement: *
[To be confirmed]
2 – 6 Nov 2020
9 – 13 Nov 2020
Each school will be provided with an exclusive 2 hour competition time slot. No mingling of students between schools. Surprise rules will be announced at the competition venue during the school’s competition time slot. *
IDE Mech Wars Surprise Rule Announcement: *
IDE Robotics Mission Announcement: *
Announcement of Results & Prize Presentation 16 Nov 2020


IDE2020 Competition Manual [Updated 16 Sep 2020]
IDE Robotics 2020 Playfield Design [updated 18 Aug 2020]
IDE Robotics 2020 Competition Manual (Pri) [updated 18 Aug 2020]
IDE Robotics 2020 Competition Manual (Sec) [updated 18 Aug 2020]
IDE Mech Wars 2020 Competition Manual [updated 18 Aug 2020]
IDE2020 Participation Team List [to be released]
IDE2020 RAMS Template

For past year competition documents, please visit Past Seasons.

For past Virtual Robotics mission files, please visit Virtual Robotics Competition.


List of Award Winners [updated 22 Nov 2020]


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Early Bird Registration:

  • $65 per team
  • Registration closing date: 30 Sep 2020

Normal Registration:

  • $85 per team
  • Registration closing date: 25 October 2020

20% discount off registration fee for first time participating schools.

Teams that wish to take advantage of the early bird rates may choose to submit team registration before early bird deadline and confirm team member details by registration deadline.