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IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineering) Series is a national technology and engineering competition event. The aim of the competition is to challenge students on problem solving across domains such as electronics, programming, and mechanical design.¬†Read on…

IDE Series 2019

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IDE Series started with IDE Challenge with 11 teams.


IDE Robotics was introduced as a competition event centring on surprise mission-based LEGO Mindstorms robotics competition.


IDE Maker was started as an electronics project development competition event using the Arduino micro-controller.


Three new competition events are introduced: IDE Junior Maker, IDE Sprint, IDE Mech Wars.

IDE Robotics

IDE Maker

IDE Mech Wars

IDE Junior Maker

IDE Sprint

IDE Challenge


  • Primary Category (9-12 years old)
  • Secondary Category (13-16 years old)
  • Open to all¬†Singapore schools, international schools (both local and foreign), and public teams (as long as age criterion is met)

$65 per team

Before 31 Mar 2020

$85 per team

Before 31 May 2020

20% Off

For first time participating schools


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